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Internet Gateway Service for Your Business

Velocity Payment Services can provide your business with our leading Internet Gateway Service, while providing you with superior service, and the best Internet gateway rates available.

Why use our Internet Gateway Service?

Our Internet Gatway Service is one of the most advanced Internet Gateway Services available today.  It can be used with any merchant account - bring your own or use ours.

The most common misconception about an Internet Gateway Service is that it's strictly used for eCommerce.  This is far from the truth.  The reason it is called an Internet Gateway is because this is how it interacts with your Merchant Account - through a secure connection over the Internet.

With our Internet Gateway you can perform fast, real-time processing of Credit Cards, Offline Debit Cards, and Checks from anywhere in the world.

It comes with all the common features found with most Internet Gateway Services, plus a whole suite of advanced features provided at no extra charge.  Most places try to charge extra for these features, with our Internet Gateway you get them for Free.

Be sure to check out all the features below to see how our Internet Gateway Service can fit into your processing needs.

Features at a Glance

Process Payments using one or more options:

Payment Options Available:

Merchant Console vTerminal:

  • Virtual Terminal on Steriods!
  • Provides "built-in" access to Internet Gateway Features.
  • Free with our Internet Gateway Service.
  • Supports multiple users; allows per-user permissions to control system access.
  • Allows transactions processing from any computer, anywhere in the world with Internet access.
  • Eliminates need for expensive terminals or software; nothing to maintain or upgrade.
  • Supports all transaction types: Sales, Voids, Credits, Settlements, etc.

Internet Gateway API:

  • Custom access through the Internet Gateway API.
  • Directly integrate into your systems: eCommerce, Billing, Sales, or other systems.
  • Sample code provided with account - available in multiple programming languages.
  • Supports all transaction types: Sales, Voids, Credits, Settlements, etc.
  • Setup transaction sources to distinguish input source: Merchant console, Billing systems, etc.

Batch Upload Billing:

  • Batch uploading and processing of transactions.
  • Integrate with other systems without custom programming.
  • Supports delimited text file.
  • Saves time and prevents duplicate entry and other errors from data entry across systems.
  • Just export billing info from any system and upload for processing.

Recurring Billing:

  • Setup customer once and bill!
  • Schedule daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.
  • Setup customer through Merchant Console, Import feature, or Gateway API.

Transaction Research & Reporting

  • Access reports online with option to download to your computer.
  • Easily reconcile your accounts.
  • Access to all transactions from day one of processing.
  • Real-time reporting on transactions as they occur.
  • Reports provide both text and graphical formats.
  • Wide array of built-in reports.
  • Create your own custom reports.
  • Per client reporting or Transaction based reporting with advanced filter capabilities.
  • Search for transactions through simple or advanced search features.

Security & Fraud Center

  • Supports Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode.
  • CISP certified - meaning it meets VISA security compliance regulations.
  • Fast and secure processing through 1024-bit digital encryption.
  • Easy to setup "built-in" fraud controls.
  • Configure fraud controls per source settings or universal.
  • Example of fraud controls: AVS, Card Types, Country Blocker, Duplicate Detection, Zip Verifier, and more.

Ready to Start using our Internet Gateway Service?

The setup process for our Internet Gateway Service is simple, painless, and efficient. We can have your business up and processing with our Internet Gateway within a "few hours" once you have a merchant account.

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