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Accept Gift & Loyalty Cards for Your Business

Velocity Payment Services can provide your business with the ability to accept Gift & Loyalty Cards, while providing you with superior service, and the best processing rates available to your business.

Why accept Gift & Loyalty Cards?

Gifts & Loyalty Cards will increase sales dramatically, bottom line.  They help build brand awareness, are powerful promotional tools, and help your company keep the money where it belongs - in your bank account.

Many stores have shown a revenue increase from 50 - 80% at a single location, while also building a larger, more loyal customer base.

Gifts Cards look and act like Credit Cards, but they have your business name and logo on them.  Customers can purchase the Gift Card from you at any dollar amount they wish.  Talk about getting your money up front!  How could your business benefit from this extra income?

Now they have a pre-paid card ready to use.  This means they can use it themselves at a later date, or give them to family or friends.  And that isn't all, they are reusable.  The Gift Card can be reactivated and funds added at any time.

Loyalty Cards allow you to reward your customers.  Rewards can be based on visits, items purchased, or dollars spent at a specific location.  They are a great way to track your customer's spending habits.  Frequently, customers never redeem their rewards.  You can set them to expire after a certain period, or give them options, like donate the value to a charity.  You have total control over your programs.

Options for using Gift & Loyalty Cards

Gift & Loyalty can be used in a number of great ways.  The limit is your imagination.  Here are some common ways to get you started:

  • Gift Cards
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Membership Cards
  • Account Credits or Returns
  • Electronic Coupons
  • Pre-Paid Cards
  • Promotional Cards

Gift & Loyalty Card Ordering Options

  • Pre-designed Cards: your business name, quantities of 30, 100, and 500*
  • Custom Cards: your custom design, quantities of 500 and 1000*
  • Custom Cards: your custom design, cards only, quantities of 500 and up
  • *Includes marketing material

Benefits of accepting Gift & Loyalty Cards

  • Constant reminder to come back to your store regularly.
  • Powerful tools to increase sales during slow periods or special promotions.
  • Increase brand awareness and reach new customers from offering Gift Cards.
  • Generate repeat visits from customers with values on their Gift Cards.
  • Gift Cards are reusable, add funds at anytime.
  • Generate extra income by getting "money up front" with Gift Cards.
  • Eliminate Cash Back scenarios with Gift Cards.
  • Loyalty Cards cause customers to spend more, and more frequently.
  • Loyalty Cards allow you to track spending habits.
  • Many people never redeem rewards from their Loyalty Cards.
  • No more problems with paper Gift Certificates, like tracking, reporting, fraud, and duplicate use.
  • Advanced online reporting tools.

Ready to Start accepting Gift & Loyalty Cards?

Our setup process for accepting Gift & Loyalty Cards is simple, painless, and efficient.  Most accounts are approved same-day or within 24 hours of our application process.  Custom cards take several extra days for printing and shipping.

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