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Accept Electronic Checks for your Business

Velocity Payment Services can provide your business with the ability to accept Electronic Check payments, while providing you with superior service, and the best processing rates available to your business.

Why accept Electronic Check?

Checks are still a popular method of payment.  Over half of non-cash payments are from checks.  As you know accepting checks can be tedious and sometimes hazardous to your business's health due to fraud and non-sufficient funds (NSF) when clearing.

The number of bad checks written represent $850 million in purchases, which is up 43% over the past 2 years.

Our Electronic Check programs allow you to accept checks with ease and peace of mind by eliminating your losses.  The check is verified against a negative database of bad check writers.  And our guarantee programs offer you the guarantee you will be paid on your checks.  This means no more returned checks and NSF fees.  Plus, no time wasted dealing with paper checks, deposit slips, or long bank lines.

Electronic Check Processing Options

Quick Service Program: For small ticket items.  Offers conversion, verification, and guarantee.
eCheck Gold: Offers conversion, verification, and guarantee
eCheck Silver: Offers conversion, verification, non-guarantee

Benefits of accepting Electronic Checks

  • Improve checkout speed for Check Payments.
  • Eliminate check fraud and non-sufficient funds on the spot.
  • No more bank deposit fees.
  • Easier to reconcile and manage check payments.
  • Cutdown overhead of preparing, sorting, and depositing paper checks at your bank.
  • Attract and retain new customers who use Checks as their preferred method of payment.
  • Funds deposited in 48 hours.

Ready to Start accepting Electronic Checks?

Our setup process for accepting electronic checks is simple, painless, and efficient.  Most accounts are approved same-day or within 24 hours of our application process.

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