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Accept Credit Cards for Your Business

Velocity Payment Services can provide your business with the ability to accept Credit Card payments, while providing you with superior service, and the best processing rates available to your business.

Why accept Credit Cards?

When customers are allowed to use their credit cards for payment, they tend to spend more, and purchase more expensive items.  For a number of these customers, it is their preferred method of payment.  Some people like it because the money doesn't come directly out of their bank account like a debit cards, and they have the convenience of writing one check at the end of the month.  Also the majority of online purchases are done through credit card.

VISA alone states, "VISA has over 1 billion people worldwide carry credit cards - 450 million are from the United States, who spend over $1 trillion annually."

Benefits of accepting Credit Card

  • Customers who use Credit Cards spend more, and buy more frequently.
  • Expensive items are purchased with Credit Cards.
  • Impulse buys are usually made with a Credit Card.
  • The majority of Online purchases are made with Credit Cards.
  • Attract and retain new customers who use Credit Cards as their preferred method of payment.
  • Fast deposits - 48-72 hours.

Supported Credit Cards

Ready to Start accepting Credit Cards?

Our setup process for accepting credit cards is simple, painless, and efficient.  Most accounts are approved same-day or within 24 hours of our application process.

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