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Usa ePay ePay Charge

ePay Charge

Usa ePay ePay Charge

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Detailed description

Usa ePay ePay Charge Detailed description:

The need for expensive, bulky, credit card machines are gone. Making your computer into your credit card machine has never been easier. All you need to turn your computer into a retail credit card machine is a magnetic card reader and ePay Charge.

Most credit card terminals still use dial-up for processing would could take up to 30 seconds to process a card. Using ePay Charge software with a DSL/Cable connection cuts the time down to 2-3 seconds per transaction. When a terminal crashes you are left with no solution to process card until a new terminal arrives. Using software all you need to do is reload it to another computer to start processing immediately.

You can setup as single or multi-users. It easily runs on any operating system - Windows, Linux or Mac. All you need is the free JAVA runtime installed.

For all the features and benefits, see Internet Gateway Features.