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ViVOtech VIVOpay 4000

VIVOpay 4000

ViVOtech VIVOpay 4000

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Detailed description

ViVOtech VIVOpay 4000 Detailed description:

The ViVOpay 4000 contactless payment device provides for a variety of mounting options for functional and physical integration with into POS and ECR systems and checkout layout. The ViVOpay 4000 is designed to provide easy, convenient, and safe transaction in limited space counter environments such as quick service restaurants (QSR), convenience stores, car rental facilities, movie theatres, ticket booths, retail outlets and hospitality areas.

With ViVOpay 4000, merchants with digital signature pads and customer or clerk-facing POS or ECRs systems will be able to start accepting contactless cards and key fobs; generating 20% larger ticket value and a 20% shift from cash and checks* to quick contactless payments. ViVOpay 4000 is compatible with MasterCard® Paypass™, Expresspay™ from American Express® and Visa® contactless payment programs in addition to private-label contactless gift and loyalty cards.