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Verifone PC Charge Pro

PC Charge Pro

Verifone PC Charge Pro

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Features & Benefits

Verifone PC Charge Pro Features & Benefits:

  • Accepts all major credit cards
  • Certified with the major credit card processors
  • Supports split dial authorization available for Discover and American Express
  • Meets up-to-date compliance standards for Visa and MasterCard
  • Multiple payment types accepted: credit cards, debit cards, EBT, check verification, guarantee and check conversion!
  • Purchasing card level II
  • Real time or batch transaction processing
  • Single or multi-user
  • Dial and TCP/IP internet connectivity using SSL
  • Designed for stand-alone, client-server, or integrated systems
  • Client software supports card readers, PIN pads, and check readers
  • Robust and customizable reporting features
  • Supports single or multi-users. There's no limit of merchant numbers in PCCharge Pro
  • Designed for stand-alone, client-server, or integrated solutions. Use out of the box or as part of an integrated POS solution