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Hypercom ICE 5500 Plus

ICE 5500 Plus

Hypercom ICE 5500 Plus

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Detailed description

Hypercom ICE 5500 Plus Detailed description:

The ICE 5500 Plus is the first payment terminal to integrate Hypercom's advanced and innovative SureLoad printer technology. SureLoad operates at twice the speed of previous models, virtually launching receipts from the printer so customers and cashiers are not waiting for the printer to complete.

SureLoad ensures jam-free operation, providing merchants with 100% reliability and eliminating the need for costly, time-consuming reprints of receipts. The semi-transparent paper holder alerts cashiers to low paper conditions prior to running out of paper in the middle of transactions. And with the ease of loading, they are more likely not to wait until the last minute to replace paper.

The ICE 5500 Plus supports smart cards, signature and receipt capture, customized logos and promotional messages printed on receipts, graphical advertising on the screen, secure connection to Web and server-based applications and to customer loyalty programs. This new terminal is compatible with software applications developed for previous ICE models. And the 9600 bps Hypercom FastPOS modem delivers exceptional dial-up capabilities.