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ChargeMax PC

ChargeMax PC

ChargeMax PC

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Detailed description

ChargeMax PC Detailed description:

ChargeMax PC allows credit card payments to be authorized within QuickBooks quickly and easily. Eliminate entering payment data into your POS system or device and again later to update QuickBooks. ChargeMax PC utilizes standard QuickBooks sales forms (Sales Receipts, Receive Payments, and Credit Memos) so your sales data and payment authorization details are stored together in QuickBooks where they belong.

How your transactions are recorded in QuickBooks is up to you. Use standard QuickBooks forms to record sales, voids and returns. You may process a swiped or keyed payment immediately after entering it or save the payment processing for later and process it along with others as a group. You can process recurring charges as well. ChargeMax PC enables you to accept all major credit cards, offline debit cards, and Level II commercial cards and purchasing cards.

ChargeMax PC uses VeriFone's award-winning PCCharge software to perform the authorization and settlement functions. ChargeMax PC is compatible with both PCCharge Pro and PCCharge Payment Server.