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Nurit 2085 Plus

2085 Plus

Nurit 2085 Plus

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Detailed description

Nurit 2085 Plus Detailed description:

Occupying minimal workspace, the NURIT 2085 plus continues to rank among Lipman's most popular and attractive solutions. Employees who use it every day appreciate its menu driven, user-friendly interface. For the busy merchant, customizable hot key shortcuts make daily operation a breeze, plus it's a cinch for new employee's to learn.

The Nurit 2085 plus is identical to the Nurit 2085, except it also includes an internal pin-pad that will allow the acceptance of Debit(ATM cards).

The Nurit 2085 plus is an exceptionally user friendly and very fast credit card machine. It has a high speed built in thermal printer that eliminates the need for ribbon. The Nurit 2085 plus is a high performance affordable credit card machine. We highly recommend this credit card machine for all retail merchants who need the added ability to accept debit cards due to its low price, very high reliability, ease of use, and its advanced features.