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Top 10 Reasons to Accept Electronic Payments

Increased Sales: Your customers will spend more, and more frequently, when they are not constrained to just cash.  On average, the majority of people carry little, or no cash.

Faster Checkout: Faster checkout means more satisfied customers, and more time for making more sales.

Customer Satisfaction: Your customers like options, they will appreciate the flexibility to pay the way they want.

Customer Loyalty: Satisfied customers are more loyal customers.  They return for future purchases and refer friends, family, or colleges through word-of-mouth.

Lower Sales Risk / Faster Payment: Electronic payments help ensure you get paid for that sale before the customer receives your product or service.  Especially with out-of-town customers, or non face-to-face transactions.  Funds are automatically transferred directly into your bank account within 24-72 hours.  No manual deposits or long waits for payments to clear.

Improved Efficiency: The less paper payments you receive, the more time and money you save.  You can spend this time in more places, like growing and expanding your business.

Lower Operating Expense: Your operating expenses are lowered because you minimize cash handling, your bookkeeping & accounting overhead, and speed up your account reconciliation process.

Better Cash Management: Better cash management equals better business decisions.  Online reporting and electronic transfer make it easier to manage your cash real-time, instead of having to wait on manual deposits to clear, monthly statements, or until your books are updated.

Currency Conversion: Electronic payments are settled in the currency in which you sell your goods and services, regardless of where your customer is from.

Safety: Less cash on hand equals more safety for both you and your customer.  Helps avoid theft and pilfering.

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