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Accepting Payments with an Internet Gateway Service

If you are not familiar with accepting payments with an Internet Gateway, this page will give you a basic understanding of what is involved.

What is an Internet Gateway Service?

An Internet Gateway Service gives you the most flexibility when processing payments.  You can process multiple types of electronic payments real-time.  You can even keep low swiped rates if the internet gateway allows information from a card reader to be passed during the transaction.  The most common ways to accept payments with an Internet Gateway Service are through a Virtual Terminal or Gateway API - commonly used for eCommerce or custom billing systems.

Some Advantages of using an Internet Gateway Service

Optimized flexibility of how and where you accept payments.  You can accept payment virtually anywhere using the Virtual Terminal and a computer connected to the Internet.  Supports mutilple users without additional licensing fees.  Transactions are processed in a more intuitive and user-friendly method using the Virtual Terminal, your eCommerce site, or your custom billing system.  Your sales information is consolidated in one place and easy to access.  No special paper or ink required, you print receipts directly from your computer.  Real-time reporting of transactions in a single place.  No software to install or maintain.  Customize payment processing and workflow with Gateway API.

Some Disadvantages of using an Internet Gateway Service

Like with anything, an Internet gateway service does have its own share of tradeoffs.  Additional service fees are required to access the Internet gateway service and perform transactions.  If you require direct integration with your exsiting systems, custom programming is required.

How to Process a Sale with a Internet Gateway Service

This depends on what payment options you offer.  To understand how processing works for for each option, you can read the following:

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