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Accepting Payments with a Mobile / Wireless Terminal

If you are not familiar with accepting payments with a Mobile / Wireless Terminal, this page will give you a basic understanding of what is involved.

What is a Mobile / Wireless Terminal?

A mobile / wireless terminal is similiar to the static terminal.  It is a phycial device that allows you to accept multiple types of electronic payments offline.   The key difference is how it connects to the payment network.  It uses a wireless connection.  This means you are no longer stationary and free to process payments anywere your business requires.

Some Advantages of using a Mobile / Wireless Terminal

You can accept all the payment types available to a static terminal.  You can now accept payments virtually anywhere - your business, your client's business, events, trade shows, at the coffee shop, etc.  You receive better processing rates from being able to swipe your customer's cards.  Some services allow you to use your cell phone, which saves on equipment cost.

Some Disadvantages of using a Mobile / Wireless Terminal

Like with anything, mobile / wireless terminals do have their own share of tradeoffs.  Equipment is more costly because of wireless components.  If you decide to use your cell phone to keep cost down, you will still need a card reader to keep your swiped rates - also an optional printer for receipts.  You are restricted to the area where your wireless service is available - make sure you check your coverage area!  If you add payment options or change processors, your terminal requires reprogramming.  Additional service fees are required to access the wireless gateway service and perform transactions.  Special printer paper and ink ribbons for your terminal model.

How to Process a Sale with a Mobile / Wireless Terminal

This depends on what payment options you offer.  To understand how processing works for for each option, you can read the following:

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