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Velocity Payment Services

The Velocity Difference

Your success matters to us

Our job is to help make your business successful.  We help find a payment solution that is right for your business.

Your business is unique

Most payment providers try a one size fits all approach without learning about your business.  You end up with a solution that is too much, or not enough, or even worse... outside of your budget.

We understand each business has unique needs, so we take a consultative approach to learn more about your current business needs and find the best possible solution for you.

We make sure things go smoothly

A successful business relationship is based on communication.  We believe that is is very important to keep you in the loop during each aspect of the setup process to make sure things go smoothly.

We make it easy to work with us

Have you ever worked with any company and asked yourself, "Why do they make things so difficult?" or "Why don't they explain things to me where I can understand".  If you have, then you are like most.

We keep it simple and make sure you understand our services.

During the setup process, we don't just say here's our rates, throw paperwork at you to figure out, and tell you to send it back to us.

We take as much time that is needed to understand your business and help you understand any payment options.  See our simple 3 step process.

We are always here for you

We are not like the rest, once you are setup we don't just disappear.  We keep in contact with you - our business partner - to make sure we are continuously meeting your processing needs.

We are in business to build long-term committed business relationships.