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Velocity Payment Services

Switching Payment Providers

Why switch payment providers?

You switch payment providers for the same reason you buy a different car or move to a new location - your goals or needs change.  And when this happens, we find that our current solution no longer solves the problem.

Several common reasons for switching:

  • Take advantage of newer payment options.
  • Your current payment provider no longer meets your needs.
  • You are not happy with your current provider because they made promises they couldn't keep.
  • Your sales volume has grown since your first began processing.
  • Your target market has changed and your payment processing needs change as a result.
  • You are expanding your business to new locations and you need the ability to accept payments.
  • You now have a better understanding of your market and payment needs.
  • You are experiencing slower growth due to current market conditions and need to find ways to cut expense.

What is your reason?

Every business has a unique situation, your reasons may be different.  Our Payment Specialist are ready to discuss your processing needs and offer you the best rate for your business.

Switching to our payment services

We make it easy to switch to our services.  You can use your existing equipment.  Most accounts are approved within 24 hours of our application process.

How to switch to our services

To switch to our services, here is what you need to do:

1. Gather the following:

  • Model and type of current equipment
  • Terms of agreement from your current payment provider
  • General information about your business
  • Current merchant services processing statements

2. Contact us using one of our several options.

3. If you like, you can familiarize yourself with our setup process.